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My vision of the “perfect” wedding

The Wedding Look While I’ve been thinking long and hard about the things I want in the wedding,  like the look and feel of the wedding, the major feel is one of a celebration of love with our loved ones, a big get together or party. The other day David and I went to Michael’s and found all kinds of stuff for the wedding invitations. Thanks to David, we found the perfect stuff to make our handmade invitations, including stamps that have sheet music, acoustic guitar, wedding couple, envelopes and cards, decorations, and all kinds of other things. So now we’re both excited. Read the rest of this entry »


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More about expectations

Some chicken, pork and corn in the barbeque

Some chicken, pork and corn in the barbeque (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Each time someone asks about my dress or our wedding plans and I say that I’m wearing a gun metal grey dress, that we’re having a barbecue reception, or that I’m doing my own invitations, or that I’m having my aunt make our cake, I get that “look.” You know the look. The one that says, “What? Are you crazy? You’ve lost your mind.” Or the the look that says, “I would never do that!,” “That’s so tacky.,” or “I can’t believe you’re doing that.”  Read the rest of this entry »


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136 days until our wedding

Earlier tonight (well, it’s morning now since coughing woke me up and I can’t get back to sleep), David and I were going over some of the details for the wedding. Opening prayer/remarks, gathering words, reading/poem, song, marriage address, vows, ring exchange, final blessing and pronouncement…

(We are writing out own vows, and we’re keeping them secret from each other until the BIG day!)

We also went through our list of songs so that we could decide which song we’ll be using for the ceremony and then which song will be our first dance. So far we’re leaning towards having my uncle sing “I Cross my Heart” by George Strait during the ceremony, and then having our first dance to “Your Everything” by Keith Urban. It’s funny, David is in a rock band (they sing stuff like Lynrd Skynrd, Alice in Chains, 3 Doors Down…) and the two songs we’ve picked are country music. We both like all different kinds of music, but my uncle is going to play his guitar and sing those two songs for us.

The reading we’re using are the lyrics to the song called “The Book of Love,” from the album 69 Love songs, written by Stephen Merrit, performed by The Magnetic Fields, as well as Peter Gabriel.

We’ve set our priorities: venue; photos; invitations & attire, flowers, food/liquor, cake, favors…etc…The most important thing to us was the venue, which is free to use, but we’re going to have to spend some money getting it ready for the wedding. Then photos, which we’re willing to spend some money on but not a whole lot (we don’t have a medium lot much less a whole lot). The invitations are important but what we’re spending money on is the paper goods and the ink for my printer and stamps so we’re definitely cutting costs there.  Since I already have my dress (thanks to a wonderful family member), all I have to worry about is the alterations. Have my gorgeous shoes. David has his black suit so we just have to get the vest and tie, and his socks.  Then, of course, there are the flowers. Oh, sweet beautiful flowers. Especially since I want red roses. And I don’t want just red roses, I also want the white roses with the red blush, and then one yellow rose to go in the center of my bouquet in memory of those who can only be there in spirit.  I think the blush roses are called Rossini roses. We don’t have to pay for the music, our friends and family are providing that for us…No charge. Love having musical friends!

The really exciting part about the photography is that David’s friend Katie has a friend that is a photographer (a professional) and we’re meeting her tomorrow afternoon to go over her packages. If the package is affordable Katie is giving us that as our wedding present. Isn’t that just amazing and sweet? I’m so awed by everyone’s generosity.

Things have been hectic for us. (Especially since David’s dad started chemo on Monday for stage 3 Lymphoma.) We’re paying for the wedding ourselves (we’ve both been married before but neither of us had a wedding) and we’re older (though David is actually still young–I don’t think 33 (almost 34) is old). My parents are getting their yard ready but we need to get an arch or something, as well as things like lights for the reception area, table clothes, etc. It all adds up. My parents and many of my family members are making the food for the reception, my aunt is making the cake and cupcakes, and some of our friends are helping us with the beer, wine, and liquor.

Anyway, I’ve digressed. The reason I began writing this post was because as we listened to music to decide what song we wanted as part of the ceremony and what song we wanted as our first dance (David had originally wanted “Blue’s Man,” by Alan Jackson but changed his mind, we were dancing to the music in our living room. It was romantic and sweet, and reminded us both of how excited we are about the wedding, but mostly about our marriage. We’re both starting to get really excited about things. As we narrow down some of the finer details of the wedding it’s becoming more REAL.



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It’s quiet here

1893 wedding

1893 wedding (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I suck on a cough drop (I have a sinus infection…URGGHHH!!!), I have been researching DIY ideas for the wedding. While looking up a few things I began thinking that I might be slightly obsessed with all of this wedding stuff. Lately it is all that seems to come out of my mouth, “the wedding…the wedding…the wedding….” and I am getting tired of hearing about it, so I can imagine that others are too. Since I am sick I thought I’d take some time to sort through some things so that I could figure what is and isn’t really important to me, to David, and to us both. David wants our wedding to be a celebration, and as long as we get married, our family and close friends are there to share it, the food and music are good, he doesn’t really care. He says I’ll look beautiful, and at the end of the day as long as we’re married it will be a wonderful wedding.

I agree with him, 100 %, but there are a lot things that need to be planned, organized, etc. And it won’t get done if I don’t get on the ball. So I’m trying to wrap my head around some of the more important things. Like the invitations. I’ve been slowly but surely figuring out what I’m doing in regards to our wedding invitations. I’ve printed a few different one’s, trashed some ideas, loved others but knew it wasn’t the ONE, and this coming weekend we’ll be going to Michael’s to actually get the supplies for the invitations. I’m excited. But I know I’m not quite there in regard to the invitation so I’m doing the last bit of research and planning so I can put the invitation together and have it ready by next weekend. I am making them myself. Handmade invites. (Using my computer, printer, my own handwriting, sheet music, and decorations.)

I’m going to make me a bagel and some eggs, drink some more orange juice for the Vitamin C, and then look at some more inspiration. I need a break from the computer for a bit. Will be back later with some more inspiration pic’s.


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Inspiration for music themed invitations, decorations…

So I’ve been scouring the information highways for inspiration for my wedding invitations, decorations, etc. Our wedding theme is MUSIC, so I decided to go with sheet music for decor and invitations.


I’ve found some interesting stuff out there in Never Never Net Land. So here we go.


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What the wedding is really about

Last night I was looking through some pictures of wedding bands for David, decorations for the reception, and as I looked at a picture of a couple holding hands I remembered something David told me not long ago: “Baby, this is our day and as long as we’re married at the end of the day that is all that matters.” And that is the truth, plain and simple. 

I’ve been stressing myself out trying to figure out what will work, what won’t work, what will look best, what is the least expensive, what will be the prettiest,  how to create decorations and invitations, and whether or not to worry about chairs and tables and alcohol for the reception. Plus lots more. 

On our first date David got a flat tire and we had to walk from the beginning of his parents neighborhood to their house so he could get his truck (we were David’s dad’s truck). It was a mile walk. But was we walked David reached for my hand and we held hands while we walked–that mile did not feel like a mile at all. We talked and walked, while holding hands, and the time passed by fast. From that moment, the moment he reached for my hand I began to fall for him. Little by little.  

Last night he reached for my hand while we were sitting on the couch, a simple gesture he does all the time, and I got butterflies in my stomach again, just like I do every time he reaches for my hand, or kisses my forehead or touches the small of my back…It’s the simple gestures of love that mean so much, that we often take for granted. My point is:

Our wedding is a celebration of our love, and we want to share our wedding day with our family and close friends, but what matters the most is that at the end of the day we are married. If it rains on our outdoor wedding, if the decorations aren’t finished or even if we don’t have very many, if only half of the guests show up, if anything or everything goes wrong then it will be okay…We’re getting married. 


Organization, planning, creativity

As I research handmade wedding invitations, wedding ettiquette, flowers, ties and socks, and decorations I have realized I need one whole wall in my study just for the wedding. I’ve also realized I need a “wo-man Cave” instead of a study. I need a big room just for crafts, books, my computer desk, reading chair, inspiration board, sewing machine, etc…The study just isn’t cutting it and is going to have to be converted soon into our guest bedroom… So I guess we’re going to have to save (after the wedding) for a “jam cave” for David and a “wo-man cave” for me (though I’m thinking it’s going to end up being a craft/photography/library/study for me).

The wedding is a work-in-progress. My eyes are crossed right now from all the research and reading, but I wanted to sort of update a few things.

I’ve decided to create handmade invitations. I won’t be making my own paper, though I did find quite a few websites that show you how to do that, but I will be creating the design and handwriting them. I’m actually excited about it. My daughter is an artist, and I’m actually decent when it comes to drawing, but she’s AMAZING. I’ve found an ampersand that I am going to use, and I think I’ve found a piece of clipart that I really like….see above picture.

Since we’re sort of going with the music theme for our wedding, and David is amazing on the guitar (and his voice is truly amazing), I think that will fit perfectly with what I want. Our wedding colors are black, silver, and red. So I think these will be perfect, if I can just get the wedding invitation to look the way I want it to. I’m going to put those two items on pretty much everything that we’re using for the wedding (from invitations, program, decor, RSVPs, cake topper (maybe)…

Back to some research and trying to figure out exactly what type of invitations I want to use (fold, box, etc)…



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